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Soulful Horsemanship is an exploration of new ways to interact with horses. It is time that we take our partnership with the horse to the next level. There are many ways that we can cultivate greater peace and wellbeing for our horses.

When we choose to become caretakers for horses we take on the responsibility for their wellbeing. We take their lives into our hands. Every decision we make effects whether they are living with peace or not. Soulful Horsemanship is a place to explore different ideas so that we can all grow together and create greater emotional freedom for the animals who rely on us.

The barn can become a sanctuary – a place of refuge or safety. You do not have to open up an equine rescue to begin creating sanctuary. As a horse owner, you can begin to turn your barn into a sanctuary for your horses and yourself by conscientiously creating an environment in which your horses are free from some of the stresses that come with domestication.

Beyond Natural

It is fun to explore our relationship with the horse to move beyond training through pressure and release, punishment and reward, and right and wrong. We can begin to work in collaborative relationship with them in a manner that is beneficial and healing for horse and human. The more that I look into building equal partnership with the horse, the more I am compelled to explore relationship with them on my own two feet.

We took great strides forward in learning how to better communicate with our horses through the subtlety of body language. We have an opportunity to take that experience even deeper. The true power of body language comes from the inner felt perception and awareness. Our bodies pick up on so much more than what our eyes perceive. That is the true language of the horse.

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Holistic Healing for Horses

Most of us do not live with our horses from birth and that means that they come to us with physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wounds that need healing and support. Unfortunately, it is common for horses to experience some kind of trauma in their lives. There are many healing modalities that we can explore to create that feeling of safety.

A Personal Retreat with Your Horse
Equine Integrative Body Work

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