A Peaceful Equine Revolution

Welcome to a peaceful equine revolution. It’s time for us to make a change – in ourselves, in our relationships, in our world… and in our barns. It’s time for a nonviolent approach in which we move from dominance to cooperation; from judgment to compassion; from fear to trust. Together, we can create a new way of being with our horses.

We know that our history with horses has been – for the most part – anything but peaceful. We have made strides in recent years to change that and yet we still have a long way to go. I am here to raise questions about our assumptions and our ways of doing things. I want to get you thinking about what you really want out of your relationship with your horse.

Of course, the only way to change anything is by changing ourselves. We must look within and cultivate the practices that lead to inner peace. Cultivating peace in our hearts and minds is truly a revolutionary act. Yet, this is no easy task.

Your horse is the perfect partner to show you who you are and what is going on within. There is no better place to dive into your emotions and find a way to let go off your upsets and ego identity than in the presence of horses. When your horse is free to be who he is, he will show you exactly who you are.

Let’s revolt together. We have the power to change the way that we train, ride, and manage our horses. Are you ready to overthrow your inner demons and live in peace? Let’s create a world in which we truly want to exist.